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Morning Read: Lessons learned from adventures in iPads

LA School Report | May 8, 2015

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What schools must learn from LA’s iPad debacle
When LA schools began handing out iPads in the fall of 2013, it looked like one of the country’s most ambitious rollouts of technology in the classroom. Wired

LA rents are so high the school district is building apartments for teachers
The LAUSD notes that annual median rents in California have increased 21 percent since 2000. LA Weekly

State of the arts education
This is the nomadic life of many arts educators in Los Angeles County public schools. Neon Tommy

Schools ‘big winners’ from surging state revenues
Even for the state’s most experienced school finance experts, predicting how much California’s schools will get in new revenues is a next to impossible task. Ed Source

Stephen Colbert to help fund $800,000 in grants for South Carolina teachers
Comedian and talk show host Stephen Colbert on Thursday announced he is giving back to schools in his home state of South Carolina. MSNBC

Janitors spreading value of early education among immigrants
Communicating with parents in some communities about the importance of early education remains a hurdle. KPCC

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