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Morning Read: Local Food for LA Unified Helping Economy

LA School Report | November 25, 2013

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L.A. Unified’s local food push is healthy for area economy too
The savory smell of nutmeg and cinnamon wafts through the Azusa bakery, where dozens of workers in blue gloves and hairnets cook up L.A. Unified’s newest star product. The “Glorious Morning” muffin is chewy and moist, packed with whole wheat, raisins and carrots — along with flaxseed for heart health and brain development. LA Times

iPad debate overshadows learning revolution in LAUSD classrooms
Last week, as Los Angeles Unified officials debated and complained about the speed, cost and logistics of the troubled iPad rollout, students around the sprawling district were putting the tablet computers to good use. Fifth-graders at Western Avenue Elementary in South LA were downloading apps and creating multimedia presentations. LA Daily News

California switches testing plans, but may still lose $3.5 billion 
California, threatened with the loss of $3.5 billion in federal funds for suspending high-stakes testing next spring, has tweaked its exam plan. But it’s not certain that the change, which was not cleared first with U.S. officials, will ease the threat to take away funds. San Jose Mercury 

CA districts are giving their report cards a facelift for Common Core
School districts across California are rewriting elementary school report cards to reflect new learning standards known as the Common Core. Because the change is not dictated by the state, it’s unclear how many schools are switching. But several superintendents in Southern California said they were in the process. KPCC

Some school districts move now to support disadvantaged
As the Brown administration contemplates further regulation of the new funding system supporting educationally disadvantaged students, some school superintendents say they are already engaged with parents and community leaders over plans to better serve the targeted populations. SI&A Cabinet Report

Are kids too coddled?
Commentary: At a middle school near Boston not long ago, teachers and administrators noticed that children would frequently return from a classmate’s weekend bar mitzvah with commemorative T-shirts, swag that advertised a party to which many fellow students hadn’t been invited. New York Times

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