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Morning Read: MiSiS still causing transcript problems for LAUSD

LA School Report | July 9, 2015

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MiSiS problems persist, some graduating seniors caught in transcript hell
The $133 million MiSiS system is still coughing out transcripts that inaccurately report whether students have met their graduation requirements. KPCC

New local superintendent plans apprenticeships, college prep courses 
Students are rarely offered training in skilled trades, because LAUSD began eliminating vocational classes in the 1980s. Los Angeles Daily News

Oklahoma schools condensing schedule to save money, attract teachers
Some districts in Oklahoma pay teachers in time – four days a week, instead of five. KGOU

LCAP not API to serve as school performance monitor
The API, based solely on test scores, has stood since 1999 as the primary matrix for communicating school success. SI&A Cabinet Report

Lawmakers move to limit government’s role in education
While there is near-universal agreement that No Child Left Behind should be retooled, the paths to change are starkly different. New York Times

Advocates for arts education may be doing more harm than good
Who’s the Grinch who stole arts education? Hechinger Report

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