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Morning Read: Mistakes were made in LAUSD iPad plan

LA School Report | August 25, 2014

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‘There were mistakes’ in $1 billion iPad plan, says school board member
Los Angeles Unified’s aborted plans to buy iPads and educational software from one of the nation’s leading textbook suppliers were the focus of a draft report created by a school board committee, according to news wire reports. LA Daily News

No easy answers on “career readiness”
The “career” piece of “college and career readiness” continues to challenge the state advisory committee that is charged with reworking the primary measure of school effectiveness in California. Edsource

Feds expand student meal program
There’s no such thing as a free lunch, or so the saying goes, but don’t try telling that to the tens of thousands of students across the state and nation who can now eat both breakfast and the midday meal for free – regardless of income. S&I Cabinet Report

Southern California’s team approach to preventing school killing sprees
More than a decade of preparation and planning to prevent killing sprees in U.S. schools appears to have paid off again, this time in South Pasadena where police arrested two teenagers last week. LA Daily News

Burned out teachers, too, deserve day in court
Opinion: My friend is being fired from her teaching job. As sad and sympathetic as I am for my friend, I can’t say that I am surprised. I’ve known this teacher for several years, and I’ve seen the burnout coming for the entire time of our friendship. Edsource

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