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Morning Read: CA Left with Tattered Education Law

Samantha Oltman | January 8, 2013

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On 11th Anniversary, No Child Left Behind Law in Tatters
As the federal No Child Left Behind law’s eleventh birthday arrives Tuesday, California is one of the few states that still must meet its requirements. KPCC

California Schools Flunk Education Group’s Ratings
California is sorely lacking when it comes to school reform, failing to adopt policies to limit teacher tenure and use student test scores in teacher evaluations, according to a rating of states issued Monday by a high-profile education advocacy group. LA Times

Policymakers React to StudentsFirst’s ‘F’ for California
David Plank, executive director of Policy Analysis for California Education, an education research and policy group, questions the basis of Rhee’s criteria. Reactions to the report card from legislators were mixed. EdSource

Teacher Evaluation Law Will Be Taken on Again
Breakthrough agreements in two California school districts and a much anticipated report on improving teacher effectiveness have raised expectations that it might actually be possible to amend or rewrite the state’s outdated and ineffective state law on teacher evaluations in a way that can work for both unions and school districts. EdSource

Extra Police at LAUSD Campuses Criticized by One Group
Students returned to school Monday with an increased presence of Los Angeles police officers on elementary and middle school campuses, although one group says the move sends the wrong message. LA Times

New Statewide Test to Be Proposed Tuesday
California’s top educator will unveil his proposal for a new statewide test at a press conference on Tuesday. Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Brown’s Budget Expected to Aid Schools’ Energy Efficiency
When Gov. Jerry Brown releases his budget proposal Thursday, he will include his plans for $500 million in new spending on energy efficiency and related programs. Much of that money is expected to be earmarked for retrofitting schools to help lower utility bills. LA Times

Unfinished Agenda on School Discipline
A California assemblyman is once again trying to curb expulsions and suspensions for what’s known as “willful defiance,” when kids act out or misbehave in class or during school activities. EdSource

One Year Cap on Teacher Prep Programs up for Debate
Growing demands on teacher preparation programs to cover all the necessary topics and issues needed to produce world-class educators have drawn new attention to the state law that restricts the training time to just one year. SI&A Cabinet Report

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