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Morning Read: Opt-out movement on tests gaining traction

LA School Report | September 25, 2015

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Experts predict the opt-out movement will get some of what it wants
With up to 80 percent of students refusing to take federally mandated tests, policymakers are reviewing the national opt-out movement. Hechinger Report

How my time at a “failing” high school blew me away
With the implementation of state standards, many public schools have wound up with their curricula painfully narrowed. Salon

The ‘grand experiment’ behind NYC schools’ new computer science program
New York City schools are embarking on a bold new computer science program, set to reach all of its public schools by 2025. EdTech

Achievement gap an ‘indicator that right strategies are not being used’
Michael Fullan is working closely with California school districts  to implement what he calls the “right drivers for whole system reform.” EdSource

Why ‘homework gap’ may pave way for universal Internet access in schools
As schools embrace technology, FCC regulators say many low-income students don’t have Internet access at home. Now Congress steps in. Christian Science Monitor

LittleBits opens up access to kits in educational settings
LittleBits Education is launching to enhance the use of its products for schools and libraries. The Journal

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