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Morning Read: Parents Submit Trigger Petition

Samantha Oltman | January 17, 2013

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‘Parent Trigger’ Strikes Again in California
On Thursday, the parent union plans to present its petition to officials at the Los Angeles Unified School District office. The petition threatens to force the school into the control of a charter operator unless parents can negotiate major changes in the way the school is run under the district. California Watch
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Alliance of Big City School Districts Aims for More Healthful Meals
L.A. Unified and five others are striving to make wholesome food a national standard. They’re working on biodegradable trays and utensils as well. Each district has been assigned a specific project. LA Times
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Elementary Students Experience Their First Opera
A partnership with the Opera, the Los Angeles Police Department, the Department of Transportation and City Councilwoman Jan Perry’s office offers schoolchildren the opportunity to attend the performance. LA Times

Help School Districts by Letting Them Raise Their Own Tax Revenue
Gov. Jerry Brown wants to help inner-city schools at the expense of suburbanites. But there must be a better way to assist the disadvantaged than to trigger class warfare.  And there is. It is to give school districts a better opportunity to raise their own tax revenue. LA Times Opinion

Quick Action Contemplated on New Assessments, API Rewrite
The Public Schools Accountability Act Advisory Committee, which has only held one meeting, is working on incorporating into the state’s school accountability system graduation rates and proof that students are adequately prepared for college and career. SI&A Cabinet Report

State Board Shifts Policy on Eighth Grade Algebra
The State Board of Education ended a decade-long controversial policy of pushing eighth graders to take Algebra I when members voted unanimously Wednesday to strip California’s Algebra I standards from the state’s eighth grade math standards. EdSource

LA Schools Reinventing Art Education
The Los Angeles Unified School District is the second largest public school system in the United States with some 700,000 students. In early 2012, “art for the sake of art” became no longer affordable, and the LAUSD Board of Education proposed that its elementary arts budget be reduced to zero. Epoch Times

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