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Morning Read: Parents unite and the principal is gone

LA School Report | January 27, 2014

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Parents’ campaign leads to reforms at Cudahy elementary school
Rosa Estrada wanted some serious changes at her child’s Cudahy elementary school. She joined efforts last fall demanding new leadership amid complaints that the principal had failed to address campus bullying, boost academic performance or work collaboratively. LA Times

New report fuels fears of decline of regional occupational programs
A new report has raised concerns about the future of regional occupational programs that are geared to helping high school students explore career options and be prepared to enter the workforce after graduation. EdSource

Prop. 39 revenues disappoint after loophole closed
Grand plans that closure of a corporate tax loophole would fund a broad array of energy projects for schools and spike the state’s general fund may be fizzling. According to figures released this month by Gov. Jerry Brown’s Department of Finance, the state is expecting to receive about $700 million annually from the Proposition 39 initiative – far less than the $1 billion-a-year anticipated when the measure was sold to voters last November. SI&A Cabinet Report

Pre-kindergarten expansion shapes up as key budget issue
Commentary: As Gov. Jerry Brown’s new budget was receiving its initial legislative airing last week, Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson asked the governor’s budgetary point person, Keely Bosler, about “transitional kindergarten.” Sacramento Bee 

Despite benefits of full-day preschool, most state programs are half day
It’s the usual school scene: a gaggle of parents waiting outside a locked gate to collect their children at the end of the school day. But these parents are waiting outside El Sereno Elementary School for preschoolers – and the school day for these kids ended at 11 a.m. KPCC

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