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Morning Read: Parents Weigh Trigger Options

Samantha Oltman | April 5, 2013

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Parents With Power Over L.A. School Weigh Their Options
About 50 parents on Thursday attended a presentation to help them decide who should run 24th Street Elementary School, a campus whose fate is in the hands of families who are trying to change the management of the school under the controversial parent trigger law. LA Times
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University Conference Hopes to Rally Southland Education Reformers
A TEDx conference at Loyola Marymount University on Saturday seeks to turn the traditional education conference on its head. Organizers believe that competing ideologies, little cooperation, and “finger-pointing” are keeping public schools in Los Angeles from improving. KPCC

U.S. Dept. of Ed. Protesters Turn Fierce Rhetoric on ‘Corporate’ Reform
As they kicked off four days of protests at the U.S. Department of Education, organizers of Occupy DOE 2.0 today used inflammatory—and, in one case, racially insulting—rhetoric to rally opposition against high-stakes testing, “corporate” education reform, and the “dismantling of public education.” EdWeek

Brown’s Funding Plan Faces Vigorous Review – and Speed Bump
The chair of the Assembly Education Committee turned Gov. Jerry Brown’s comprehensive plan for education finance reform into bill form Thursday, ensuring that all aspects will get an extensive review, while raising the possibility that the plan may not pass in time to take effect July 1, as the governor wants. EdSource

LA County Preschool Teachers Honored at Event
Los Angeles Universal Preschool presented its Teacher of the Year Awards to six early childhood educators. ABC LA

Civil Rights, School Groups Rally to Protect Spanish-Language Testing
A critical portion of California’s 1.4 million English learners face academic setback under a plan to suspend most of the state’s student assessments next year, civil rights activists and school advocacy groups say. SI&A Cabinet Report

LA for Youth Holds Concert at City Hall
On April Fool’s Day, the L.A. for Youth campaign gathered for a concert outside of City Hall to make a statement about what they call “foolish” safety policies in schools in Los Angeles. USC Intersections South LA

Bill Would Protect Adult Ed, Career Tech While Extending Local Control
School districts would keep discretion to spend billions of dollars of “categorical” funding  however they want for five more years under a Senate bill that passed its first hurdle in the Legislature on Wednesday. EdSource

Apps and Little Kids: Should We Worry?
Maybe it’s the appeal of swiping or the challenge of Angry Birds, but any parent with a smartphone or tablet can attest to this: the devices are irresistible to children. KPCC

Encino Crespi Leader a ‘Non-Jock’ Who Knows the Score on Sports
Father Tom Batsis admits to not having a sports background. But understanding the role of athletics at Crespi is perhaps why he quickly decided an alum should run the football program. LA Times

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