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Morning Read: Modest Proposals

Hillel Aron | September 27, 2012

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California Limits Role of Student Tests in API Scores
California’s key measure of public school quality will be redefined to lessen the impact of standardized test scores under a bill signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Jerry Brown. The law will broaden how the Academic Performance Index is calculated by limiting test scores to 60% for high schools and including graduation rates and other factors. LA Times

Governor Brown’s Modest Proposal
If Prop 30, which raises California sales tax from 7.25 percent to 7.5 percent and increases the income tax on those earning over $250,000, goes down in flames, Governor Brown will likely make good on his promise to cut $4.8 billion in public school funds. That could mean wiping out an additional 15-20 schools days from the 2012-2013 academic year. HuffPo Opinion

UC to Pay Damages in Davis Pepper-Spraying
The University of California will pay damages of $30,000 to each of the 21 UC Davis students and alumni who were pepper-sprayed by campus police during an otherwise peaceful protest 10 months ago, the university system announced Wednesday. LA Times

For-profit Colleges Ordered to Be Transparent
For-profit colleges will have to be more forthcoming about information they’ve considered proprietary up to now. Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation yesterday that requires for-profit colleges to inform prospective students about their accreditation status, salaries, student loan default rates, and whether graduates have found work in the fields they were trained for. Ed Source

“We’re Still Hungry!” Student Lunches Leave Stomachs Rumbling
A YouTube video created by Kansas students echoes concerns heard in Los Angeles over new dietary guidelines that slash the calorie count of school lunches. NBC 4

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