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Morning Read: Proposed Overhaul for “Teacher Jails”

Alexander Russo | April 8, 2013

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LAUSD Board Member Seeks Overhaul of ‘Teacher Jail’ System
Los Angeles Unified would create a team of professional investigators to handle serious misconduct complaints against teachers as part of a new plan to overhaul the district’s disciplinary process, which has been criticized as costly, unwieldy and unfair. Daily News

Charter School Operators Guilty of Misusing Funds
In a case that could have impact statewide, a Los Angeles jury Friday found the operators of a west San Fernando Valley charter school guilty of illegally taking or misappropriating more than $200,000 in public funds. LA TImes

Firing the Worst Teachers
Several reform-oriented bills went overboard to fix this. Under one, teachers suspected of abusive behavior would have had no avenue to appeal their dismissal. The new bill, authored by Assemblywoman Judy Buchanan (D-Alamo), makes more sense. It would save districts money and be fairer to both teachers and students. LA Times (editorial)

The Basics of Better Schools
It’s not about the school board, just consistent, careful, cooperative educational strategies. LA Times (oped)


Obama Would Pay for Pre-K Program by Raising Tobacco Taxes
The administration, which has proposed to offer grants to states to expand prekindergarten for impoverished 4-year-olds, has already said it will require a state match to participate in the program. But the story isn’t specific about just how much that match would be. Education Week

New Curriculum Standards Pave the Way for the Little Guy
California is among 45 states nationwide plus Washington, D.C. already in the process of adopting the Common Core standards for math and language arts. The new standards, which have been pushed by the Obama Administration, represent a significant change in the country’s historically state by state system of education standards. KPCC

Magnet Acceptance Letters are Out, Now What?
The wait is over.  Magnet acceptance letters are available online and being mailed home. Depending on your status find which situation you are in and what to do next. Hope Change Choice (blog)

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