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Morning Read: PUC Schools gave contract to employee’s company

LA School Report | May 4, 2015

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LAUSD charter group gave food contract to an employee’s firm
The probe involved Jacqueline Duvivier Castillo, who works for PUC Schools and is a part-owner in Better 4 You Meals. Los Angeles Times

Democrat’s teacher tenure law gets killed
The legislature is faced with changing longstanding California laws for evaluating, firing and laying off teachers. LA Weekly

LAUSD coaches work for less than minimum wage, panel hears
The average coaching stipend is $2,175.58, and it hasn’t changed since 1999. Los Angeles Times

Bill proposes review of California’s arts standards
California’s visual and performing arts standards were approved in 2001 before much of today’s technology had been developed. Ed Source

LAUSD rejects Miramonte students’ claim for more compensation
The district’s claims coordinator, Toni Tosello, said the agreement prohibits those who settled early from suing LAUSD again. KPCC

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