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Morning Read: ‘Running on Fumes’

Hillel Aron | October 3, 2012

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LAUSD ‘Running On Fumes’ Going Into November Tax Votes
Trying to toe the line without crossing over into advocacy, Los Angeles Unified’s finance chief on Tuesday outlined the impacts of the two proposed tax-hike initiatives that would pump revenue into an education system she said is now “running on fumes.” Daily News

‘No One Left To Lay Off’: LAUSD ‘Doomsday’ Scenario Looms
Officials with the Los Angeles Unified School District on Wednesday warned of more layoffs and a shortened school if voters reject the proposed tax increases on Election Day. CBS

LAUSD Allocates $1 Million For Marshall Brick Repair
As a safety precaution, the school first closed the main entrance with a fence and then later reopened it with protective scaffolding to shield students from any falling debris. Los Feliz Ledger (h/t Eastsider LA)

‘Hami Kids’ Foster Diversity at Hamilton High School
Their school is currently one of two in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) with a Humanities Magnet Program, from which 100% of its students enroll into tertiary institutions, and approximately 90% of them enroll into 4-year colleges or universities. KCET

LA County Office Of Education, Unions At Impasse Over Health Benefits
Union officials say the education office is taking advantage of their willingness to play ball over the years; they plan to voice their concerns Tuesday during public comment before the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. But county officials say an uncertain budget year and the possibility of additional new cuts make it impossible to offer more. KPCC

CSBA Challenges Constitutionality Of The Mandate Block Grant
Citing a mushrooming debt of more than $4 billion owed K-12 education in state reimbursements for required activities, the California Schools Board Association filed suit late last week challenging the constitutionality of a block grant program aimed at reducing those same mandate obligations. SI&A Cabinet Report


Veto pits charter school autonomy against affordable meals
Arguing that he did not want to “erode the independence and flexibility” of charter schools, Gov. Jerry Brown last weekend vetoed legislation that would have required charters to provide low-income students free or reduced-price meals. California Watch

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