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Morning Read: Scalia’s death could change Friedrichs ruling

LA School Report | February 16, 2016

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Scalia’s death likely to alter outcome in Friedrichs lawsuit
The CTA will likely gain an unexpected victory, at least for now, in its legal battle to continue the right to require all teachers to pay the costs of collective bargaining.
EdSource, by John Fensterwald

Commentary: Teachers aren’t shocked young people now shun the profession
Judging from my email, a lot of California public school teachers are demoralized and questioning their career choices.
Los Angeles Times, by George Skelton

Granada Hills Charter wins Academic Decathlon for 5th time in 6 years
The school has won a total of six district championships, with previous victories in 2007, 2011-13 and 2015.

Can Inglewood’s NFL-fueled turnaround be a success if its schools are failing?
Three years ago, after Inglewood school administrators hugely and repeatedly overspent their budget, the state took control of the district.
Los Angeles Times, by Zahira Torres

Charter growth spurs division among educators
In 2014, San Diego County had 124 charter schools, compared to 73 in 2009.
San Diego Union-Tribune, by Maureen Magee

Broken discipline tracking systems let teachers flee troubled pasts
An investigation by the USA TODAY network found fundamental defects in the teacher screening systems used around the nation.
USA Today, by Steve Reilly

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