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Morning Read: Senate passes bill to oust abusive teachers

LA School Report | June 10, 2014

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Senate OKs bill easing firings for teacher abuse
The state Senate on Monday passed a bill making it easier to fire teachers accused of sex abuse, child abuse or serious drug crimes. Senators unanimously passed AB215 on a 33-0 vote. The bill by Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan, D-Alamo, creates a separate hearing process for teachers who are charged with egregious misconduct. CBS Local

Judge objects to funding school police with money for struggling students
Los Angeles’ top juvenile court judge is objecting to a planned diversion of $13 million to school police there from state funds earmarked to provide special learning assistance to disadvantaged kids. Under California’s new Local Control Funding Formula, billions of dollars of earmarked funds are supposed to be directed specifically to low-income and foster-care kids, as well as students classified as still learning English as a second language. EdSource

California judge could change teacher job security
A judge plans to announce a decision Tuesday that could be a game changer for California teachers whose job security is on the line. Attorneys said the anxiously awaited ruling from Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu could have a wide ranging effect in California. Other states tackling the issue are also paying close attention to how the case plays out in the nation’s most populous state. Miami Herald

Parents offer an earful about the ‘welcoming environment’
It isn’t rare to see a parent wandering around their child’s elementary school in search of an office, classroom or auditorium entrance. But parents gathered at a forum last week in Stockton on school climate said getting help from school personnel isn’t easy. They noted that custodial and cafeteria staff was more likely to be welcoming and helpful than anyone from the school office. S&I Cabinet Report

School lockdowns lifted near North Hollywood standoff
Parents and students from the private Oakwood School reunited early Monday afternoon as a suspect armed with an assault rifle was barricaded inside a nearby North Hollywood home. The students left the school, often holding hands in long chains, as officers escorted them in small groups. The students headed toward a park where family members were waiting. As the children appeared, some parents broke into applause. LA Times

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