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Morning Read: State ed board to examine LCAP accountability

LA School Report | November 3, 2015

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Commentary: California’s financing formula reignites big school struggle
The struggle over how – and if – California schools will be held accountable for LCAPS results will be rejoined this week in the state Board of Education.
Sacramento Bee, by Dan Walters

Teachers need more time, money and prestige, report says
A new report calls for for a comprehensive overhaul of the pipeline for becoming a teacher and staying in the classroom.
Los Angeles Times, by Theresa Harrington

Senator renews push for alternatives to recycled tires
Hill proposed Senate Bill 47 last session but it stalled after it faced lobbying efforts from those who support the artificial turf industry.
San Mateo Daily Journal, by Samantha Weigel

Work continues on alternate assessment, testing regs
State education officials will consider numerous changes to K-12 testing regulations that include formal adoption of a new special education assessment.
Cabinet Report, by Kimberly Beltran

Delaying kindergarten may bring mental health benefits for kids
According to Stanford’s Center for Education Policy Analysis, starting kindergarten at age 7 leads to children who are better able to focus and control their emotions.
KPCC, by Deepa Fernandes

California prepares to adopt materials for new English learner approach
The State Board of Education is set to adopt a new set of instructional materials and textbooks for kindergarten through 8th grade on Wednesday.
EdSource, by Theresa Harrington

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