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Morning Read: Deasy in DC

Samantha Oltman | March 14, 2013

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Angelenos Storm Capitol Hill for Annual LA Chamber Lobbying Trip
This year’s Access LA group included Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, LAUSD school superintendent John Deasy, five city councilmen, and more than a hundred local business leaders. KPCC
Also: Deasy was at the Council of Great City Schools conference in DC earlier this week.

SBE, School Groups in Settlement Talks Over Statewide Benefit Charters
At issue is a section of the Education Code that gives a charter operator the right to submit a petition directly to the state board for approval of a charter school that operates at multiple sites throughout the state. SI&A Cabinet Report

Miramonte Family Presses Forward With Lawsuit Against LA Unified School District
Depression, anxiety and insomnia have become almost daily challenges, according to the mother of a student allegedly abused by a teacher while attending Miramonte Elementary School.  Her family is among the 71 not included in the settlements negotiated between 58 families and the Los Angeles Unified School District. NBC LA

SoCal Olympians Mentor LA Students to Encourage Fitness, Health
While Olympians fight for the gold medal at prestigious international events, California kids are working to pass their own mandated fitness tests at schools throughout the state. These two groups come together in a program called Ready, Set, Gold! KPCC

How the Principal Is Trying to Prevent Finger-Pointing at Carpenter
One parent is afraid to schedule play dates for her daughter anymore. If the play date is at her dad’s house 45 minutes drive away from the Studio City area, suspicion is raised. Patch Studio City

Protect California’s Innovative Teacher Preparation Programs
Last week, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing could have taken a dangerous path, changing the requirements for “teacher interns” in a way that would have limited the ability of some of our best teachers to reach the students who need them most. San Jose Mercury News Op-Ed

Fragmented Data Systems a Barrier to Better Schools, Experts Say
The fragmented nature of data systems in school districts, a lack of common data standards across states, and the financial challenges of providing professional development to data users in schools combine to leave many districts and states struggling to provide meaningful, real-time data about student performance to educators. EdWeek

Public Education Being Privatized, Educators Say at League of Women Voters Meeting
Efforts to privatize public education trace their roots to movements to cut back on taxes, and their consequences vary from more emphasis on high-stakes testing to a less educated citizenry and less freedom for college teachers. Monterey County Herald

Stop the Pink Slips
Change in timing in teacher layoff notices makes sense, but the real goal should be to stop the layoffs. My Desert Editorial

States to Consider Financial Literacy Requirements for K-12 Students
Schools have long tried to impart money management skills to students through a variety of programs: elective classes in partnership with banks and nonprofit groups, after-school programs that teach economic basics and “life-skills” to round out a student’s academic education. KPCC

Lawmakers Eye Early Childhood Expansion
Prekindergarten is the hottest issue under the sun these days, ever since President Barack Obama made it a focal point of his State of the Union address, then released the bare bones of a plan to expand prekindergarten access to more low-income 4-year-olds. EdWeek

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