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Morning Read: Teacher misconduct investigations speeding up

LA School Report | August 25, 2015

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Marking a big turnaround managing teacher misconduct
Three years after an audit found the average misconduct case could take 22 months, state officials reported that timeline has been cut almost in half. SI&A Cabinet Report

Why some in education believe truancy deserves much more attention
It’s difficult to pinpoint the size of the challenge because every state has a different definition of truancy and chronic absenteeism. Washington Post

Oakland school district considers bid for teacher housing
The school district cited a precedent at LA Unified, which is currently building the second of three housing complexes for employees. San Francisco Business Times

Centinela Valley district bills piling up for Jose Fernandez investigation
In the latest financial hit, the district’s refusal to release public documents related to its investigation into Fernandez will cost nearly $80,000. Los Angeles Daily News

Square root of kids’ math anxiety: Their parents’ help
A common impairment with lifelong consequences turns out to be highly contagious between parent and child, a new study shows. New York Times

Two polls span two poles on testing
Standardized national tests — and the many other tests that states and districts add on top of them — have drawn controversy. NPR

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