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Morning Read: Teacher shortage causing anxiety in school districts

LA School Report | July 15, 2015

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California’s dwindling teacher supply rattling districts’ nerves
In a common sign of the emerging problem, districts throughout the state have been hiring more teachers with provisional intern credentials. Ed Source

County offices gain extra month to review LCAPs
The effect will be to ease some of the pressure on the counties to review districts’ local accountability plans. Ed Source

AFT girds for Supreme Court setback, pledges to grow membership
The AFT passed a resolution pledging to speak individually with each of its 1.6 million members about getting more involved in the union. Huffington Post

How textbooks can teach different versions of history
In 2010 the Texas State Board of Education adopted new, more conservative learning standards. Among the changes — how to teach the cause of the Civil War. NPR

Senate votes down federal protections for K-12 LGBT students
Fifty-two Senators voted for such a provision, while 45 opposed it. But Senate rules required 60 votes, and the measure fell short. Washington Post

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