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Morning Read: Teacher unions dismiss USC poll results

LA School Report | April 14, 2015

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Unions critical of poll on teachers tenure and seniority-based layoffs
Teachers unions expressed concern Monday over the results of a poll indicating that California voters are critical of current teacher job protections. Los Angeles Times

Atlanta judge urges talks on sentences in school cheating case
Ten educators were convicted on April 1 for their roles in one of the nation’s largest school cheating scandals. New York Times

SFUSD administrator named superintendent of Albuquerque public schools
Luis Valentino previously worked in various roles for the Los Angeles Unified School District for more than two decades. San Francisco Examiner

A political novice who scored big upset finds herself on the defensive
Patty Lopez had no elective experience; much of her work as an education advocate was as a volunteer. Los Angeles Times

Doing away with the high school exit exam
California is set to join a handful of states that have decided the high school exit exam isn’t useful. SI&A Cabinet Report

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