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Morning Read: Teachers Union To Release Evaluation of Deasy

LA School Report | July 11, 2013

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Teachers Union to Unveil ‘Evaluation’ of L.A. Schools Supt. Deasy
Continuing its aggressive rhetoric, the Los Angeles teachers union announced plans Thursday to release a performance evaluation of L.A. schools Supt. John Deasy. Don’t expect him to get a sterling grade. LA Times

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L.A. Unified Aims to Revive Arts Education
After five years of brutal cuts in arts education, Los Angeles Unified is gearing up to bring more music, dance, theater and visual arts into core academic classes under a three-year, $750,000 initiative to be announced Thursday by the Los Angeles nonprofit group funding the effort. LA Times

California Readies $37 Million Obamacare Public Relations Effort
Funded by $37 million in state grants, four dozen diverse groups from around California — including labor unions, civil-rights advocates, medical clinics and the Los Angeles Unified School District — are preparing to launch education programs promoting Obamacare, the national health-care plan set to take effect in January. LA Daily News 

Miramonte Student Abuse Case: Mediation Moved to LA Superior Court
The legal battle in the Miramonte Elementary School sex abuse scandal moved to a new court Wednesday after an expiration date set for a settlement has passed. ABC News 

LA Unified’s Historical Collection: From Mesopotamian Artifacts to Report Cards
The Los Angeles Unified School District has a public archive of more than 30,000 historical items that date back to 1855, when the district’s first school opened. And it includes some report cards. KPCC 

State Education Panel Delays Vote on New Science Standards
State Board of Education officials delayed a decision Wednesday on adopting new science standards that would tackle fewer subjects more deeply and favor hands-on experiments over rote memorization of facts. The board decided to take up the issue again in the fall, after educators return from summer break and can weigh in on the proposed standards. LA Times 

Schools, State May Struggle to Meet LCFF Accountability Timelines
School districts along with state agencies face a challenging timeline for planning and implementing new requirements of the Local Control Funding Formula, according to a schedule presented to the California State Board of Education Wednesday. SI&A Cabinet Report

UCLA Law Institute on Issues Affecting Gays Receives $5 Million
The think tank’s scholars played an active role in providing research and filing briefs in the recent U.S. Supreme Court cases involving same-sex marriage. One of those rulings led to the resumption of those weddings in California. LA Times

Selling the NCLB Act Rewrite to Conservatives
Now that a new version of the No Child Left Behind Act looks headed to the House floor next week, the bill’s sponsors, U.S. Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., and Rep. Todd Rokita, R-Ind., are in full-on member-education mode. EdWeek

Education Reform a Test for GOP
Opinion: In Washington, Republican presidents and members of Congress have struggled mightily to find an approach that both embraces reform and respects a limited federal role. Politico

‘Great Gypsy’ or ‘Great Gatsby’? N.Y. School Reading List Gets an F
A few examples of more than 30 spelling errors found on a summer reading list from the Hempstead Union Free School District. LA Times

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