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Morning Read: This Ain’t Chicago

Hillel Aron | September 17, 2012

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Slim chance for teachers strike in L.A., officials say LA Times: Few observers expect tensions over performance reviews to ignite a strike in Los Angeles, as it did in Chicago, because of myriad differences in conditions surrounding the two cities’ school districts.

Group w/ties to Koch Bros drops $4 million on Prop 32 SF Chronicle:  Look what just arrived in the Friday-afternoon-news-dump: A $4 million contribution to Prop 32, which the unions are freaked out about because it would limit labor’s chief weapon for influencing the state’s politics – political donations – by preventing unions from using automatic payroll deductions from their members.

Charter schools balk at California’s new pre-kindergarten law Associated Press: A California law requires public schools to add a grade level this fall designed to give the very youngest students a boost when they enroll in kindergarten, but charter schools say the law does not apply to them, pitting them against the state Department of Education.

‘Deferred action’ program puts strain on L.A. Unified LA Times: An estimated 200,000 current and former students are potentially eligible for the “deferred action” program of the Obama administration.

LAUSD Reaches Out To Bring Dropout Students Back To School CBS: Members of the Los Angeles Unified School District launched the fifth annual Student Recovery Day Friday morning.

Districts continue to seek, and receive, class size waivers SI&A Cabinet Report: Requests from districts for relief from restrictions on class sizes continue to pour in – and to be mostly approved by California’s State Board of Education, keenly aware of the financial stress schools are under.

California Department of Education to take over Inglewood Unified, district on verge of bankruptcy KPCC: The Inglewood Unified School District today became the first Southland school district in nearly 20 years to lose local control over its ballooning budget deficit. California Governor Jerry Brown today approved an emergency loan of $55 million to Inglewood Unified School District to keep it from going bankrupt. The move triggers an immediate takeover of the school district’s administration.

CSU trustees to vote on 5% tuition hike in January if tax measure fails Daily News: The Cal State University Board of Trustees this week will consider yet another hike in student tuition and other budget solutions in anticipation of a $250 million loss in state funding.

Pilot program brings many students’ first encounter with common core SI&A Cabinet Report:  In the coming weeks, students, parents and, indeed, some teachers in selected districts across California will have their first encounter with the new standards and the challenges they will pose by shifting what is taught and why.

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