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Morning Read: Tuck and Torlakson headed to run-off

LA School Report | June 4, 2014

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California Chief’s Race Headed to Run-Off Between Torlakson, Tuck
The state superintendent’s race in California is headed to a run-off, with incumbent Superintendent Tom Torlakson and challenger Marshall Tuck now set to face each other again in the Nov. 4 general election. Torlakson and Tuck were the top two vote-getters out of the three superintendent candidates on the ballot. But Torlakson, despite topping the poll with nearly 47 percent of the vote, needed to get a majority of the votes cast in order to avoid the run-off. Tuck came in second with a little less than 29 percent of the vote, and Lydia Gutierrez came in third with just over 24 percent. EdWeek

School nurse bill among the dead after May deadline
SB 1239 would have required every district receiving supplemental cash under the state’s new school funding formula to hire a school nurse. AB 1950 sought to establish a permanent funding structure for career technical education, and SB 1157’s goal was to prevent Gov. Jerry Brown from sweeping bond money for seismic building repairs into an account for new school construction. But these education bills are among many that will go no further, having missed the Legislature’s May 30 deadline for making it out of their house of origin. S&I Cabinet Report

LAUSD says budget’s too tight to treat stressed out kids
Los Angeles public schools might look like fertile ground to try new approaches to helping kids with trauma and stress that researchers say can hold them back. It’s the second largest school district in the nation and 80 percent of its students qualify for free and reduced lunch. But while one Los Angeles charter school is showing success through increased student counseling – services at traditional L.A. Unified public schools are severely limited. KPCC

Vacaville school trustee elected to California Teachers Association board
Vacaville Unified trustee and Vanden High teacher Jerry Eaton has been elected to the California Teachers Association board of directors, a three-year post that he begins in late June. After campaigning at the association’s State Council meeting last weekend in downtown Los Angeles, he faced three other challengers, then survived a runoff election Sunday afternoon, when he was declared the winner. The Reporter

Districts must give teachers the time, guidance to develop Common Core
Commentary: Fifty years ago, employers sought workers who were proficient in reading, writing and math. Today, they are prioritizing abilities like teamwork, problem solving and communication. The Common Core reflects this shift, which should change not only how students learn, but how we teachers learn (and, of course, teach). Michael Fullan gets it. As the worldwide authority on education system change said at the EdSource symposium last month, collaborative culture is of utmost importance in the enhancement of teacher learning. EdSource

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