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Morning Read: Get Out The Vote

Hillel Aron | October 17, 2012

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Gov. Brown Urges UCLA Students to Support Prop. 30
Gov. Jerry Brown brought his campaign for the Proposition 30 tax measure to UCLA on Tuesday, urging students at a rally there to vote for it or risk facing a substantial tuition increase. LA Times 

LAUSD Urges Students, Community Members to Vote
Like public school educators throughout the state, L.A. Unified officials and board members are urging students, parents and concerned adults to vote in next month’s election and are working to inform them about Propositions 30 and 38. KPCC

Labor’s Big-Money Focus on Prop. 32 May Hurt Chances of Prop. 30
Unions say their political survival hinges on defeating Proposition 32, leaving less financial backing for labor ally Gov. Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30. LA Times 

Fact check: Romney Takes Credit For Education in Massachusetts
Mitt Romney, in an extended response to a question about assault weapons during his debate with President Obama, said, “We were able to drive our schools to be No. 1 in the nation.” As in the past, the former Massachusetts governor took credit for education achievement in the state. LA Times

Obama Makes Education a Presidential Debate Subject While Discussing Gun Violence
In perhaps the biggest pivot of the presidential debate Tuesday night, President Barack Obama turned a question about gun violence into an answer about education. The twist is especially notable in a campaign year when schools have gotten little play. HuffPo

Stark Education Differences in Presidential Race, Say Surrogates
Education has not exactly been at the forefront of the presidential campaign. It received far less than even 15 minutes of fame during the first debate, but stand-ins for President Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney explored it in depth [Monday] night in a debate that revealed  sharp philosophical and policy differences between the two candidates. Ed Source 

With Court Win, ‘Parent Trigger’ School Reform Moves to Crucial Vote
With a court ruling last week permitting the vote to go forward, parents who signed the petition last winter now have the chance to cast a ballot on the charter school operator they want to take over their neighborhood school next fall. As permitted by law, the vote won’t include parents who opposed the charter conversion or declined to be part of the petition process. California Watch

State Readies Release of First Supplemental Materials Tied to Common Core
State officials are expected to reach a milestone this week in the development of supplemental instructional materials for California classrooms aligned to the new common core standards. SI&A Cabinet Report

Google Awards Grant to Bolster STEM Education in California
The $25,000 grant will support new science and math elementary teachers in STEM through an online professional learning community. KPCC

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