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Morning Read: USC Offering Help to Recent Teacher Graduates

LA School Report | November 18, 2013

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USC’s School of Education announces long-term support for graduates

Recognizing the rising pressure to hold teachers and administrators responsible for student achievement and pressures on new teachers, the University of Southern California’s college of education is offering its graduates a guarantee – if they’re struggling with part of their jobs, the college will have their backs. EdSource 

Opening school data carries economic value, report contends
The increasingly ubiquitous flow of data across education has caused anxiety among parents and privacy advocates, who fear that information about students will be released or shared with outside entities without permission. Yet a new report, while acknowledging those concerns, focuses on a potential payoff in expanding the openness of data across K-12: robust economic growth. EdWeek

After-school arts must compete for minds of pre-teens

Today’s urban tweens want high-quality after-school arts experiences and have no problem walking away from anything less, according to a recent report based on interviews with more than 200 disadvantaged, urban students in grades five through eight from around the country. SI&A Cabinet Report

Teacher killings bring profession’s risks to light
Experts say the phenomenon of student-on-teacher violence is too often ignored. “There’s some reluctance to think that the teaching profession can be unsafe,” said Dr. Dorothy Espelage of the University of Illinois. The educational psychology professor recently headed a national task force on classroom violence directed at teachers. Wall Street Journal

The GED gets a makeover: Will it make for better workers?
For more than 70 years, the General Educational Development exam, or the GED, has been an important tool for those who didn’t complete high school and immigrants looking to make inroads into higher education or secure better jobs. We take a look at the overhaul to the exam set to take effect in January 2014. PBS

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