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Morning Read: What will reaction be if many fail Common Core test?

LA School Report | April 27, 2015

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Poll hints of political train wreck over Common Core
If most parents know little about the Common Core test, how will they react when they learn that a large percentage of kids failed? SI&A Cabinet Report

Federal government urges K-12 schools to comply with Title IX
The guidance comes against a backdrop of national concern about sexual assaults on college campuses. Ed Source

Why one of America’s best schools eased off Advanced Placement courses
The Post list ranks school not based on their test scores but how much their students — particularly average students — are being challenged. Washington Post

Do the arts go hand in hand with Common Core?
An inner-city charter network pushes culture over test prep. Hechinger Report

Labor peace at LAUSD based on hope not sound budgeting
This contract adds $171 million to the $7.27 billion budget opening a $140 million hole that grows to a $419 million chasm in the 2016-2017 fiscal year. Daily Breeze

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