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Morning Read: A Lopsided School Board Contest

LA School Report | May 17, 2013

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Money Continues to Pour, Unevenly, Into LA Unified School Board Race
Political action committees have spent nearly $600,000 on Antonio Sanchez’s behalf. The money has gone mostly to targeted full-color flyers and calls to some of the district’s nearly quarter of a million registered voters. Turnout in the city was less than 20 percent in the March primaries — and isn’t expected to improve on Tuesday. KPCC

L.A. Mayor’s Race Result May Be Unknown for Weeks After Election
Mail-in ballots, the apparent tightness of the race and the peculiarities of the City Clerk’s counting procedures open the possibility of a delayed outcome. LA Times

State Bill Seeks to Reduce School Suspensions for Defiance
a bill working its way through the California legislature, AB 420, would limit schools’ ability to suspend students for defiance. In 2011-2012, 700,000 California students were suspended — half of them for defiance. KPCC

Racist Graffiti Reported At Agoura High School
Two incidents of racist graffiti targeting African-American students at Agoura High School were being invsetigated today as hate crimes, officials said. City News Service

Trial Run Finds More LEAs Prepared Than Thought for Computer-Based Testing
State officials are hailing the results of a two-week pilot test on K-12 science curriculum that also served as a gauge of California’s readiness for conducting expansive, computer-based assessments. SI&A Cabinet Report

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