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Morning Read: Who loses as Sesame Street moves to HBO?

LA School Report | August 14, 2015

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As ‘Sesame Street’ heads to HBO, will low-income kids lose out?
The deal will allow Sesame Workshop to produce more episodes and to expand its puppet-related kids content with new shows and spin-offs. NPR

Science, art camp sneaks in language for English learners
Students who are English learners learned new, advanced English words and phrases and had opportunities to use them during the science and arts camp. EdSource

When knowledge is unforgettable
Adults remember more of what they learned in school than they think they do. The Atlantic

New pesticide rules for farms near schools coming
Officials from the Department of Pesticide Regulation are crafting new statewide rules for pest management practices on farmland near schools. SI&A Cabinet Report

Coding schools are at the center of an education revolution
Students learn to love code at Flatiron School, a new kind of institution that’s thriving within a niche carved by a ravenous IT marketplace. Ed Tech Magazine

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