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Morning Read: Wide support for CA’s new spending plan

LA School Report | January 17, 2014

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Big changes to California’s school-funding rules are approved
State education officials pushed forward sweeping changes to public school funding Thursday, approving rules to give more money to needy students and more power to local educators to decide how to use the dollars. LA Times 

Kids from across state get lesson in school politics
Editorial: They came in buses from across the state to march from Westminster Church to the state Capitol to the headquarters of the California Department of Education. They carried signs that read “Improve Then Approve” and “Close the Loophole.” They chanted. They prepared handwritten testimony. Sacramento Bee

It’s time to invest in summer learning
Commentary: As our fellow school superintendents across the state consider their budget priorities, we urge them to consider investing in summer learning programs, a cost-effective, yet highly impactful strategy to help achieve their school district’s most pressing priorities. EdSource 

GAMES board members resign; school will remain open
The last three members of the Garr Academy of Mathematics and Entrepreneurial Studies charter school board of directors relented Monday and signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU) dissolving the school’s board of directors just one hour before the Los Angeles Unified School District’s board was scheduled to vote on closing the high-performing South Los Angeles elementary school because they had refused to sign it. LA Wave

L.A. teachers union calls for 17.6% raise
The union that represents Los Angeles teachers is seeking a 17.6% salary increase, officials announced. United Teachers Los Angeles also is calling for a restoration of school staffing to levels in place prior to the state’s recent economic recession. In addition, the union wants new rules that will protect the rights and jobs of teachers at persistently low-performing schools. LA Times

20 schools lost art teachers during winter break
As the first day of spring semester kicked off Monday, Jocelyn Duarte, of mid-city Los Angeles, was back to the hustle of getting her kids out the door to Wilshire Crest Elementary School. KPCC

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