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Morning Read: Less Money, More Problems

Hillel Aron | July 30, 2012

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• LAUSD is cutting adult education offerings in half– and that’s the good news, since some were afraid that the program would be completely eliminated. “An agreement by LAUSD’s unions to take up to 10 unpaid days restored about $105 million for Adult Ed, enough to accommodate about 105,000 students.” Daily News

• LA School Police Chief Steven Zipperman (sounds like a Wes Anderson character) is “reassessing” LAUSD’s ticketing policies. In the last three years, Zipperman’s troops issued 34,000 tickets for things like cutting class, smoking cigarettes and fighting. KPCC

• Inglewood Unified School District is $9 million in the red and will be completely broke by December. The district (currently overseen by the County) will ask the State “for a bailout loan that will result in a state takeover of the 1,500 student district.” KPCC

• Parents of Desert Trails Elementary, after their successful parent revolution, are now looking for a charter operator to take over their school. LA Times

• Da Vinci Charter in Hawthorne is proposing something new: a combination high school, community college and University intended to address a “festering” problem of college dropouts. Students would attend for five years (instead of four) but leave with a high shcool diploma and associate’s degree, and have the option of going to Antioch for two years at a reduced rate to earn a bachelor’s. Daily News

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