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Morning Reading: This Space for Sale

Hillel Aron | July 27, 2012

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• A delightful piece by Barbara Jones profiles the latest scheme by LAUSD to make a little extra cash: selling advertising space on about 70 vans and delivery trucks. Actually seems like a pretty good idea, although it’s only earning $157,000– so far. Daily News

• A typically equivocating LA Times editorial praises the judge’s recent decision in the Desert Trails / parent trigger case, but says the parent trigger law “though an intriguing idea for improving problem schools, is the result of a thoughtlessly written law backed by inadequate regulations.”  LA TimesWill the trigger play a role in LAUSD in 2012-2013?  That’s what no one knows yet.

• Reform critic Diane Ravitch spoke with UTLA lawyer Jesus Quinones, who assured her, in all capital letters, that Stull Act compliance* is still subject to negotiations between the district and the union, despite the recently set December 4 deadline. Quinones is quoted saying that if no agreement is made, the argument will be taken to PERB– a claim I’m sure Scott Whitlin would disagree with. Diane Ravitch Blog 

*Check out my 2011 LA Weekly story to get a sense of what makes Stull such a big deal.

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