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New Mayor’s Wife Has School Reform Past

Hillel Aron | May 28, 2013

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Mayor-elect Garcetti’s wife, Amy Wakeland

A recent LA Times piece looks at Amy Wakeland, wife of newly elected Mayor Eric Garcetti, calling her “a powerful player in [Garcetti’s] political life” and noting that in the past she has worked for unnamed L.A. Unified School District board candidates.

A helpful tipster pointed out to us that in 2003, Wakeland served as spokesperson for former Mayor Richard Riordan’s Coalition for Kids, a predecessor to the Coalition for School Reform. You can see her quoted in article’s like this one, putting out various fires for Riordan’s slate of candidates.

During the campaign, Garcetti was endorsed (but not funded) by UTLA, and did not endorse Board member Monica Garcia in the District 2 primary. He endorsed neither Monica Ratliff nor Antonio Sanchez in last week’s District 6 runoff.

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