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Nonprofit Funds Big Arts Education Push

LA School Report | October 9, 2012

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The clamor to support arts education in LAUSD just got a lot more visible with the launch of a $4 million ad campaign that will appear on public buses and bus stops though out the city.

Megan Chernin of LA Fund and Nury Martinez of #LAUSD with students at the Barbara Kruger bus for the #ArtsMatter Launch Event via @LAFund

Arts education in Los Angeles has been drastically reduced for budgetary reasons and runs the risk of being altogether eliminated in 2013. The campaign, “Art Matters,” will promote the importance of art education by bringing the work of high-profile artists to the streets.

The initiative is underwritten by the non-profit LA Fund for Public Education with donated ad space provided by CBS and Zenith. (See more at Daily News, LA Times).

The argument that arts education promotes critical thinking and creativity is also what’s behind today’s school board proposal by Nury Martinez – who wants to make arts education part of the new common core curriculum.

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