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NYT Magazine Looks at Emotions as Part of Learning

LA School Report | September 11, 2013

NYT logo“Something we now know, from doing dozens of studies, is that emotions can either enhance or hinder your ability to learn,” Marc Brackett, a senior research scientist in psychology at Yale University, says in a New York Times magazine story appearing this Sunday that examines issues beyond tests and grades that are key to a child’s success in school.

The story, “Can Emotional Intelligence Be Taught?” asserts that social-emotional learning  — or S.E.L. — was once a small corner of education theory but has gained traction in recent years, driven in part by concerns over school violence, bullying and teen suicide.

The goal of social-emotional learning is grander, says the story: to instill a deep psychological intelligence that will help children regulate their emotions.

Read the whole story here.

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