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Listen: Parent Trigger Ups and Downs

Alexander Russo | April 5, 2013

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Curious about how the parent trigger is evolving in Los Angeles and nationwide?  Here’s the audio from a Friday morning panel at Yale University on the parent trigger featuring Parent Trigger’s Ben Austin and former state Senator Gloria Romero, who authored the controversial law, along with the Fordham Foundation’s Adam Emerson and moderator Andy Rotherham.

The most interesting tidbits include Austin’s description of how the 24th Street parents came up with the idea of having LAUSD and a charter school operator share control of the school — and how the mere threat of a trigger has persuaded teachers at some schools to approach parents about making changes — and Emerson’s description of how civil rights groups in Florida have come out strongly against the trigger idea there — a sharp contrast to their role in favor of the trigger legislation in California.

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