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People: LAUSD Lobbyist Edgar Zazueta

LA School Report | June 28, 2013

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Edgar Zazueta

Here’s an interview with LAUSD’s chief lobbyist, Edgar Zazueta, published in Board member Tamar Galatzan’s email newsletter:

As the largest school district in the state (by nearly 400,000 students), along with plenty of representation (11 assemblymembers, 10 senators, and 9 congressmembers), when LAUSD speaks, lawmakers listen. Doing that speaking is our Director of Government Relations, Edgar Zazueta. (whose name may be familiar to you if you attended the LCFF Task Force earlier this month).

As LAUSD’s chief lobbyist for the past six years, he leads a small staff of four—one in Sacramento, three in LA—in representing the District in crucial state education policy decisions. While his skill rubbing shoulders with movers and shakers is evident (LAUSD comes out a clear winner in the LCFF reforms) he is heavily involved back in LA, directing constituent outreach and education efforts and making sure the voices of LAUSD students and parents are heard in Sacramento.

To read the entire piece: A Day in the Life of LAUSD’s Chief Lobbyist

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