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Photos: Teachers in LA and across the country turn to #ADayWithoutAWoman as a teachable moment

Mitchell Trinka | March 9, 2017

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Americans woke Wednesday to morning news broadcasts reporting school closures across the country, prompted by female teachers who took the day off to celebrate International Women’s Day. But many more educators made it to class, using the occasion to teach valuable lessons to their students.

The classroom conversations coalesced around celebrating International Women’s Day, as well as discussing A Day Without a Woman, both movements which are aimed at helping people recognize the enormous contribution women have across the world.

Today’s rallying cry came more than six weeks after women’s marches across the globe, which drew more than 2 million people to support women’s rights and, in the U.S., to protest Donald Trump’s election.

From inspiring writing assignments to educating children on the importance of the holiday, students and teachers took to Twitter to share stories about the teachable moments we could all learn something from:

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