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Possible Board Candidates: District 2

Hillel Aron | September 26, 2012

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District 2 covers most of East Los Angeles and is currently represented by Monica Garcia, president of the school board and perhaps the staunchest foe of United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA).

There are already a number of declared candidates in District 2, so the question isn’t so much who will run as who else will run — and whom if anyone UTLA will support from among the already-declared candidates.

One intriguing possibility is Isabel Vazquez (pictured), a 1st grade teacher at Queen Anne Place Elementary in Mid-City, who once worked as field director for former LAUSD board member Jeff Horton in the 1980s.

A knowledgeable source who did not want to be named said that Vazquez had “maybe a 30% chance” of getting UTLA’s endorsement.  But Vazquez herself didn’t seem too optimistic: “I believe there’s always a possibility of being endorsed. I do have friends and allies.”

There are already four other confirmed challengers to Garcia in District 2: Scott Folsom, a member of the California PTA, blogger and school board gadfly (see previous post about his candidacy); Michelle Walker, Robert Skeels, the character behind the previous effort to recall Monica Garcia; and Abelardo Diaz, a teacher.

Reached on the phone yesterday, Vasquez said that former City Councilwoman Jackie Goldberg (whom she knew from her time working for board member Horton) had called  and asked her to run.

“I gave it a lot of thought,” said Vazquez. “I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think the situation was so critical.”  But, she added, “The race is not about UTLA vs. reformer. It is about rescuing public education.”

Candidates have until November 10 at noon to file a declaration of candidacy with the city clerk’s office.

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