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Read This: Why Teachers Are Battling Free Classroom Breakfast

LA School Report | May 10, 2013

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Breakfast in class (via TakePart)

“Ending the breakfast program in Los Angeles could cause thousands of kids to start the school day hungry,” begins this recent TakePart story by Vanessa Romo.  “So why are teachers against it?

The piece describes the classroom breakfast program that’s supposed to take the first 15 minutes of school, highlights the other districts around the country — Baltimore, Houston, Chicago, San Diego—that are doing the same thing, and the controversy that’s erupted among some teachers over the loss of instructional time and the mess the breakfasts have created by being offered in class instead of in the lunchroom. Improvements in nutritional quality and cleanliness are in the works, according to the story — including the elimination of Cereal Day.

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