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Ruling in Vergara case over teacher laws expected by June 10

LA School Report | June 4, 2014

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Judge Rolf Treu Vergara Trial

Judge Rolf Treu

Lawyers in the Vergara v. California lawsuit, a challenge to laws that govern teacher employment, have been told to expect a decision in the case by June 10.

The two-month trial concluded in March, leaving state superior court judge Rolf Treu to wade through the testimony of dozens of witnesses for his decision.

At issue are five state laws that involve tenure, the dismissal process and seniority rights. Defendants in the case — the state, joined by two big teacher unions — want to keep them as they are. The nine students who are acting as plaintiffs want them struck down.

While a decision either way provides a symbolic victory, any practical effect is probably years off. The loser is almost certain to appeal, which means many more months or even years could pass before a court instructs the legislature to act, or not.


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