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San Pedro High Students Get Chance to Earn College Credit

LA School Report | August 22, 2013

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San Pedro High School

San Pedro High School

Students at San Pedro High School are getting a bonus this year.

In what may be the first such opportunity for its students, advanced classes will count toward college credit at Marymount California University, a private, four-year, liberal arts college in Rancho Palos Verde.

San Pedro High is one of 11 public, private or charter high schools in Los Angeles and Orange Counties participating in the Marymount program, according to the university.

“I’m really excited for this partnership and the great opportunity it is for our kids,” LA Unified Board President Richard Vladovic, said in a press release, announcing the arrangement. “It will allow them to be a step ahead when they graduate high school.”

Vladovic, who recently assumed the board presidency, represents District 7, which includes San Pedro.

University officials said the idea to offer college credits came about 18 months ago, when Marymount needed more classroom space for students, and San Pedro High was close to opening a second campus to relieve overcrowding.

In exchange for using District classrooms for teaching college students at night, the university offered to train and mentor San Pedro teachers, about 20 in all, to become adjunct professors and receive a stipend.

San Pedro students who excel on required tests can earn college credit by taking the same classes offered at Marymount in such subjects as history, math and science but taught by the San Pedro teachers.

“I believe the Marymount program will provide students with a strong core of college course credit that allows students to complete college in a shorter time, saving families a lot of money,” said Jeanette Stevens, the San Pedro High principal.

“It’s a historic opportunity for LAUSD kids,” said Terry Ball, an instructional director for the District. Of the new Marymount program, he added, “I think it’s phenomenal.”


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