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Sanchez Supports Classroom Breakfast & Teacher Dismissal Initiatives

Hillel Aron | May 8, 2013

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With less than two weeks to go until election day, the District 6 School Board runoff is remarkably sedate. Very little mail has been sent out for either campaigns, and Independent Expenditure (or IE) committee spending is down compared to the primary.

Monica Ratliff still teaches every day at San Pedro Elementary, so her public exposure is limited to weekends and evening events. Antonio Sanchez, meanwhile, is concentrating on talking to voters and fundraising.

“Sometimes when you get to the runoff it’s very workmanlike,” said Sanchez’s political consultant, Mike Shimpock. “This one is very much about voter consolidation. The IE [committee] is going to be doing a lot of mail.”

Sanchez has, meanwhile, indicated his position on two contentious issues — and either he or Ratliff will likely be announced as Mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti’s pick later this week.

Sanchez has come out in favor of Breakfast in the Classroom, the controversial program that gives low-income kids free breakfast in some LAUSD classrooms.

“I’m supportive of feeding hungry kids,” Sanchez told LA School Report. “They can’t concentrate or learn in the classroom if they’re hungry or suffering from malnutrition. I would not be supportive of ending the program.”

Sanchez also came out in support of State Assemblymember Joan Buchanan’s bill, AB 375, which is intended to streamline the teacher dismissal process. Some have called the bill, which is supported by the California Teachers Associatio, an overly-watered down compromise.

“It’s a step in the right direction,” said Sanchez. “I think the system is broken and it needs reform. So it’s great that someone’s working on making the system more efficient.”

Ratliff has declined to share her views on these topics with LA School Report (or anyone else, as far as we know).

It is likely that within a few days, Mayoral contender Eric Garcetti will have endorsed either Sanchez or Ratliff.  Sanchez has already been endorsed by Garcetti’s rival, Wendy Greuel.

On Monday, May 13, the two candidates will take part in separate interviews for an Educators 4 Excellence podcast.

It’s the closest thing to a debate that we’ll get in the runoff.

“There were plenty of debates in the primary,” said Shimpock, referring to two events. “I know Antonio’s positions haven’t changed. It’s pointless to debate her, because she just conforms to any views of the group she’s in front of.”

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