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Board Members Split on Mayoral Endorsements

Hillel Aron | April 8, 2013

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Mayoral candidates Garcetti (left) and Greuel (rght).

On Friday, School Board member Tamar Galatzan endorsed Mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti.

The moved represented the first major endorsement for Garcetti from a so-called “school reformer,” and was something of a surprise since most Valley-based politicians have been supporting Garcetti’s opponent, Wendy Greuel.

Greuel, has been endorsed by three Board members: Monica Garcia, Nury Martinez and Dr. Richard Vladovic.

In addition to Galatzan, Garcetti has now been endorsed by the teachers union and — according to a campaign spokesman — Board member Maurgerite LaMotte.

Board members Bennett Kayser and Steve Zimmer have yet to endorse in the race. Garcetti praised Zimmer at the United Way forum in February.

These endorsements aren’t likely to mean much more than a handful of votes to either candidate. As Jim Newton wrote in today’s LA Times, “Some endorsements matter, particularly when they surprise or lend heft to a candidate’s arguments. But many do not, in part because they are the result of relationships and connections rather than philosophical or ideological appreciation.”

While the endorsements may not determine the outcome of the election, education has emerged as something of a battleground issue. On Friday, Greuel’s campaign attempted to portray Garcetti as inconsistent on hot-button education issues such as the parent trigger.

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