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School Board To Vote On Competing Ballot Measures

Hillel Aron | August 20, 2012

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When the LAUSD Board meets tomorrow morning at 9 am, the first item of business will be which of the competing tax measures on the November ballot to support. Governor Jerry Brown is pushing proposition 30 while Molly Munger is pushing prop 38. The state’s rank-and-file Democrats are lining up to support the governor’s measure, and keeping mum on Munger’s.

Board members Bennett Kayser and Steve Zimmer will introduce a resolution to support both propositions; Monica Garcia, Tamar Galatzan and Zimmer will introduce a resolution to support proposition 30; while Galatzan, Zimmer and Nury Martinez will introduce a resolution to support prop 38.

Of course, these are symbolic resolutions that have no effect on anything in the real world, but it could offer an interesting glimpse into the board’s set of shifting alliances. Or they could just move to support both measures and be done with it.

In the afternoon, the board is scheduled to take up Zimmer’s resolution to reject the use of Academic Growth Over Time, or AGT, as a metric in evaluating teachers. The resolution was introduced in June, on the same day of the Doe v. Deasy ruling, which said that the district had to use pupil progress as a factor in teacher evaluations.

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