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Morning Read: Schools Reopen With Increased Security

Hillel Aron | August 13, 2013

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LAUSD Back to School Tuesday With Increased Security After Newtown
For the upcoming year, the nation’s second-largest school system has amped up the number of campus security aides monitoring elementary schools, funneling $4.2 million into 1,000 new positions, officials said. LA Times

New LA Unified School Year Starts With Important Classroom Changes
As more than  600,000 L.A. Unified students begin their first day of class on Tuesday, they’ll see what district officials say are positive changes in teaching style and staffing. KPCC

Schools Can Administer Insulin Without Licensed Nurses, Court Says
The unanimous decision was a defeat for the powerful California Nurses Assn., which had argued that only licensed healthcare workers could administer medicine under a state law that bars the unauthorized practice of nursing. LA Times

State Board Must Find Balance Between Rules and Flexibiltiy
In passing the Local Control Funding Formula, legislators wrestled with the same issues raised at the hearings. But with little agreement and running out of time to pass the state budget, they handed the job of spelling out specifics to the State Board, which is about to enter an intensive regulation-writing process. Ed Source

With New Money, School Labor Negotiations Grow Complicated
Uncertainty over how schools can spend billions of new state dollars delivered under a new funding formula is generating both conflict and complication between labor and management as districts statewide seek new collective bargaining agreements. SI&A Cabinet Report

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