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Still No School Board Endorsement From Garcetti

Hillel Aron | May 16, 2013

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At last week’s KCRW debate, host Warren Olney asked the two Mayoral candidates who they’d endorsed in the School Board District 6 runoff taking place on Tuesday.

Wendy Greuel answered without hesitation: Antonio Sanchez.

Eric Garcetti said he had only met with one of the candidates, but was “due to talk to the other one shortly, so stay tuned…”

Nine days later — with only two business days left until the election — Garcetti still has not made an endorsement or met with the other candidate.

Garcetti spokesman Jeff Millman said he didn’t know which candidate Garcetti had met with: “Those are private conversations.”

Sanchez told LA School Report that he met with Garcetti several weeks ago.

A Garcetti endorsement of Sanchez or his opponent, Monica Ratliff, wouldn’t mean much to either candidate at this late stage, but if Garcetti chose Ratliff it would mark a rare concrete difference between the two Mayoral hopefuls on education.

The lack of any endorsement  decision from Garcetti may tell us just as much.

When asked if he supported School Board President Monica Garcia during a primary debate, Garcetti dodged the question, saying only that he admired what Garcia had done.

Garcia went on to endorse Garcetti’s opponent, Wendy Greuel.

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