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Students Matter cheers committee stall on state ‘anti-Vergara’ bill

LA School Report | May 28, 2015

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sacramento_state_capital_houseLast month, leaders from Students Matter held a conference call to rail against several bills in the California legislature that the group deemed “anti-Vergara.”

Today the group is claiming a partial victory over Assembly Bill 753 after the Assembly Appropriations Committee voted to hold it in committee, essentially killing it for the current session. The bill would have extended tenure protection to teachers who work in small school districts and certificated employees that work in non-teaching positions.

“AB 753 flew in the face of the Superior Court ruling in Vergara and defied all logic by seeking to expand the very system the court found to be unconstitutional and harmful to California’s students and teachers,” Students Matter Policy Director Ben Austin said in a statement.

Students Matter is the group that funded Vergara v. California, in which nine students successfully sued the state and California’s two largest teacher unions over laws governing teacher employment. It’s currently under appeal, but Students Matter said that AB 753 and three other bills were unconstitutional as they ignored the Vergara ruling.


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