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Morning Read: Supporters want LAUSD to reconsider pre-school cuts

LA School Report | May 1, 2015

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Popular LA pre-school language program is targeted once again
A popular and well-regarded preschool program in Los Angeles would be shut down over the next two years under a district proposal to cut costs. Ed Source

AB 47 passes with bipartisan support out of Assembly education committee
Assembly Education Committee members, advocates, superintendents, and faith leaders were overwhelmingly supportive of the bill. Early Edge California

Judge reduces 3 sentences in Atlanta school testing scandal
Judge Baxter presided over a six-month criminal trial here that plumbed one of the largest standardized test cheating scandals in American history. New York Times

Plan unveiled to overhaul school sysem in Detroit
Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan unveiled a proposal on Thursday to overhaul the failing Detroit public school system by creating two districts. New York Times

Mom says she was ‘lunch shamed’ by school for packing Oreos for daughter
A mother was stunned when her 4-year-old came home with a sternly worded note from the school. ABC


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