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Sylmar High quiets down after school brawl

Mike Szymanski | May 10, 2016

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Sylmar High School has quieted down and an assembly is planned after a lunchtime brawl disrupted the campus on Monday. The 20-minute incident involving at least 40 students was captured on cellphone video and posted on YouTube.

Principal James Lee told LA School Report, “This was an incident that just snowballed, and it had to do with a dispute with people outside of our school community. We are making every effort to keep things quiet and keep the campus safe. We are forming a task force to look into the causes to keep it from happening again.”

On Wednesday morning, the principal called for a parent meeting that school board member Monica Ratliff plans to attend.

It took 12 officers to control the students who were hitting each other, and several students in the fight had disciplinary action taken against them, according to the principal. Even teachers jumped in to break up the fighting.

Lee said the incident didn’t have anything to do with bullying but started in response to an after-party event that followed the prom held over the weekend. It involved some of the school’s athletes, Lee said. He also said no one was seriously injured.

“We had one of the most beautiful proms ever and I was there until after midnight,” Lee said. “This dispute started at a party after that and with people not at our school.”


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Police, counselors and administrative staff will continue to be on hand for the rest of the week, Lee said.

Superintendent Michelle King said in a statement, “As the head of the most diverse school district in the nation, let me be very clear: We will not tolerate targeting or violence of any kind on our campuses. Regarding the recent conflict at Sylmar High School, law enforcement is continuing to investigate.”

She added, “We want to reassure parents that the safety of all students and staff remains our top priority. Extra counselors and support staff have been assigned to the school, along with additional school police.”

King concluded, “On a personal note, I want to express my concern about any student who was injured. I wish them a speedy recovery. The bottom line is that all students are welcome at LA Unified schools.”

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