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Tablets in the Classroom? Debate. But What About That Price?

LA School Report | September 16, 2013

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NYT logoA story in yesterday’s New York Times magazine, “No Child Left Untableted,” explored the use and impact of digital devices in the classroom. It quotes Joel Klein, the former New York City school superintendent and now chief executive of Amplify, a New York-based division of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation that makes tablets for classroom use, as saying, “K-12 isn’t working and we have to change the way we do it.”

Klein and others in the story argue for the use of digital devices, and the debate is well underway across the country. But LA-area readers who were struck by the cost of iPads LA Unified bought from Apple, $678 each, might ponder this sentence, discussing the Amplify device: “The initial price of a tablet has dropped to $199, including support and training, making it feasible for school systems to buy large numbers of them.’’

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